Yes We Can!

Apologies to the President for co-opting his campaign slogan, but that’s how I’m feeling right now. I’ve been talking to students about the amount of reading we’re going to do this semester, and I keep getting looks like I’m crazy. The most common response I’ve heard has been, “I haven’t read a book since Holes.” Now, nothing against Holes, but I’ve got to tell you… if you’re in high school, and you haven’t read a book since Holes… Have I got some books for you. Seriously.

The people that kill me the most are the indy/artsy students who are into subcultures, rebellion, non-conformity, but seem to not realize that there are entire movements in literature that capture and give voice to the very feelings they’re experiencing. They seem to only recognize literature as part of the institution, not realizing that as long as there has been an “institution,” there have been subversives writing to undermine it. Literature is rebellion. Viva la revolucion.


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