Do you Diigo?

My colleagues would tell you that  I jump from one tech trend to the next like a fashionista with ADHD. As such, I try to restrain my missionary zeal for the latest and greatest application or tech tool that I’m using. That being said, sometimes I’ve just got to go ahead and spread the good word. Diigo is one of those cases.

Basically, Diigo is a social bookmarking tool along the same lines as, which many people probably already know about. For those unfamiliar with the concept, social bookmarking tools allow one to bookmark sites, share them with others, form groups for sharing with others, discuss the sites shared, and have constant access to your lists of bookmarks regardless of what computer one might be using.

Confused? I’ll let Commoncraft explain:

The Commoncraft video uses as its example. What sets Diigo apart is the ability to highlight and annotate websites. Combined with the social and collaborative nature, this features makes the application an ideal tool for student use. Here’s how it would work:

Students are given a research paper where they choose topics. Students then begin to research. You might then group students together around similar topics. Students could then form diigo groups with these research topics. As they find sites, they can share with the group, highlight, and annotate. Other group members could then check out the sites, comment on other member’s annotations, or highlight and annotate other parts of the pages.

Confused again? Let the folks from diigo explain it:

Let’s hear how you use diigo.


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