Carnegie Releases Study on Adolescent Literacy

The Carnegie Corporation has released their humongous new study Advancing Literacy: Time to Act in a series of six .pdf files. I’ve quickly skimmed some of the files and have saved them for more close reading at a later time. I’m on the district literacy committee for my district, and we have a meeting scheduled next week. I imagine that this study will be a topic of discussion at the meeting.


From first glance, here are a few reactions:

  • I don’t like that their “model” school is hypothetical. Their case would be much better made using a real school instead of a fairy tale school. Tony Wagner’s Global Achievement Gap does a great job of using real schools to illustrate his points.
  • I like that they’ve broken the study up into a variety of focus areas.
  • I like that one of the focus areas is out of school programs and another one is on valid assessment.

Those are just some initial reactions from my brief skim of the files. I’ll be revisiting them quite a bit in the coming weeks. Download them, take a look, and form your own opinions.

Edit: Later in the publication, they get into some actual case studies from real school districts, so one of my main concerns has been quelled.


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