The iPad

Steve cradles his latest creation.

It’s hard to really describe my feelings on the iPad. I guess I just have a sort of wait and see approach. I’m not terribly impressed with this generation, but I do have hope for the future. In an online forum, we recently discussed why do so many people insist on comparing the iPad to e-readers, when the device is clearly so much more than an e-reader. I offer up my thoughts:

I think it’s because an e-book reader is the niche that most people were considering purchasing a product to fill. No one really needs a big ipod or a flat screen PC at this point in time (we haven’t been shown by marketers why we’d really need one), but people have been marketed e-book readers extensively. As such, if you’re considering a purchase, it’s a natural comparison to make.

For example a person might think: “Well, I’ve been thinking about getting one of those e-book readers… and now Apple has this thing out that looks like I can do that… plus I can do a bunch of other stuff.” For people who were considering an e-book reader, the “bunch of other stuff” is just icing. Of course, what they don’t realize is that the “bunch of other stuff” is actually the cake.

Anyway, several friends and fellow bloggers have weighed in more extensively than me on the subject. Teachpaperless was enthusiastic and visionary (as usual) in his musings.  Local friend Steven Jarvis posts that he may soon be buying one thanks to his wife’s enthusiastic reception. I hope he does, because then I can play with the thing. As for me, I could definitely see this thing as the perfect kitchen computer. My favorite food blog the Kitchn agrees.


2 thoughts on “The iPad

  1. Yes, you may play with my iPad when I get it.

    I’m pretty stoked about it, and I’ll amend my initial thoughts post with reasons why it’s good for me, but to just list them: reading books (obvious), reading digital comics (not so obvious for most), making music (I love a lot of the iPhone music apps, and the extra processing power of the iPad plus its larger size will make it even awesomer than the iPhone for that), kitchen computer, how-to videos from YouTube without having to sit in front of my desktop (can do that with my MacBook, too, I guess), GAMES, but mostly just casual computing (web browsing, email, twitter, etc.) in comfort (and no, my MacBook’s not particular comfortable in that way).

  2. Oh, I’ll definitely be wanting one (I also hear from people who have actually held one, that they have a very high “cool” factor when you’re actually touching it and playing with it… much like when the iPhone first came out). I’m just not sure I’ll be getting one this time around.

    An interesting sidenote: Trisha was also really impressed with it and had an immediate “I want one” reaction. She’s slightly more techy than Hallie, but I thought it was interesting that her initial reaction was much more positive and receptive than mine.

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