Model Blogging

So my students, as I mentioned in my last post, are starting blogs to serve as journals on their research projects. I’m finding this a very helpful method of communication between me and the students. I can leave comments to help clarify their confusion, encourage them, or steer them in a different direction. I’m a little concerned at this point at the lack of attention to details like sentence structure, mechanics, and spelling. I intend to come up with a quick and dirty rubric as they become accustomed to the blogging practice. I hope that will encourage them to be a little more professional.

My main regret at this point is that I didn’t implement blogs earlier in the year. For next year, I think I’ll be spending the first few weeks of class implementing the technology pieces that I want to use through the year (wikis, blogs, rss readers, email, shared calendars).

One decision I’ve made is to keep a model blog that shows the students what I expect from them. I’m choosing BPA as my research topic. I’m not sure if I’ll end up writing a full research paper on BPA or not, but I’m definitely considering it. I’ve always thought that students would benefit from witnessing me going through the process alongside them.


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