A Constant Learner Round 2

Here we go with the second round of the blog. Obviously, I lost steam pretty early on last year. I’m not promising a more sustained effort this year, but I thought I’d start getting some thoughts down in the blog. As for my year, here’s what I have going on:

1) I’m teaching Literacy Intervention, Inclusion English, and Concurrent Freshman Composition.

2) I agree to be Co-Chair of the English Department.

3) I’m signed up to become a National Board Certified Teacher this year. I managed to land a scholarship to fund the endeavor as well (about $3,000). The bad news is that I owe the money back to the state if I don’t succeed in three years.

4) I’m presenting at the Arkansas Curriculum Conference in November.

5) My oldest son is starting Kindergarten.

6) We’re remodeling and adding on to our house.

So yeah, I don’t know if I’m going to be exactly rocking out the posts on this blog, but I thought that it would be an easy way to reflect and collect my thoughts as part of my board certification.


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