A Year in Review

Once again a year has passed me by without any serious blogging. This time, though, I have a good excuse (or a whole bunch of them). Just to recap my year:

1) My wife and I decided to undertake a massive addition project on our house.

2) I took the plunge and did my National Boards (fingers crossed on passing).

3) We enrolled our oldest son in kindergarten.

4) I agreed to be co-chair for the English Department.

5) I again helped spearhead our lunchtime literacy program.

Basically, I put way too much on my plate, and I found myself exhausted by September. Even though we’re approaching the end of the year, I’m starting to finally catch my breath. I’m also starting to look forward to next year.

I think I’ve said it before, but one of the greatest things about teaching is the cyclical nature of the profession. Each year offers a fresh start and fresh potential. I can incorporate new learnings and revisit old. For next year I hope to make greater use of technology (this year access to technology was a real problem at our school). I’m going to get my students on Goodreads. We’re going to try to blog as a class. I’m going to collaborate more effectively with colleagues and introduce more project-based learning into my class. I’m going to be more present for my students (not distracted by departmental or personal issues). I’m going to commit to these things, and I’m going to use the summer to make these commitments real.

Each summer allows a refocusing. I can catch my breath and lick my wounds. I can use the time step outside the breakneck pace of the school year and build for the next year. Right now I’m burnt out. I’m a pile of ashes. This summer, though, I’ll rekindle the flames and hopefully be ready to rise come August.

A liger's got nothing on a phoenix.


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