Thoughts on Not Reading

The May issue of English Journal contains a provocative article by William J. Broz entitled “Not Reading: the 800-Pound Mockingbird in the Classroom.” He posits that most students don’t actually read the mandatory texts assigned for classes. To Kill a Mockingbird, Hamlet, Of Mice and Men; all are passed over by many students. And guess what? Those students are passing the classes with ease. I might have skipped an occasional assigned reading, but I think I pretty much read everything I was assigned throughout my educational career. I might have skipped a page or two in Wuthering Heights (8th grade… really Mrs. Hargis… really? We were 13 years old!) What about you?


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Not Reading

    1. Ooo. That’s another one that I wasn’t crazy about, but I struggled through it. I remember being disappointed, because I loved war books.

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