Wii U(niversity).

I know the new Wii U is a gaming console. I know the name is a play on “we”, “me”, and “you” that Nintendo uses for their naming convention on this game console. That being said, my mind immediately skipped to education when I watched the unveiling. Specifically, the idea of hand held devices (the new touchscreen controller) being able to push content to a central monitor as detailed in the pictures below from dvice.com:

The individual device is viewing a video of a bird. Then with a swipe it...
.... moves the picture of the bird onto the central monitor.

Now imagine this use of hand held devices that can seamlessly push their information back and forth between the individual user and the classroom’s main board. My brain is going into overdrive thinking of the possibilities. While I don’t think that the Wii U will be the device that takes us there, I can see the next generation of interactive whiteboards utilizing this technology.


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