When good books make bad movies

Emma Watson posing for a "Read" poster?

So they’re making a movie out of Perks of Being a Wallflower. This is news to me, recently garnered when I stumbled on an item about a recent twitpic from the set of Emma Watson, one of the film’s stars and a veteran of a different, slightly successful book to silver screen adaptation called Harry Potter. The good news is that Steven Chbosky is intimately involved in this adaptation, and they look to be giving it an edgy treatment. The bad news is that two other similar books that I enjoyed, Lemonade Mouth and Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, did not translate well to film for me. The former got the Disney treatment and went from being a somewhat authentic, quirky Breakfast Club forms a band book to a saccharine-sweet, unwatchable nightmare. The latter lost its edge in an attempt to manufacture a current edge for it.

So my track record isn’t good so far. Hopefully this movie will turn out for the better. The excellent Game of Thrones adaptation on HBO gives me hope that books actually can translate to film without losing their soul.


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