From the ashes…


My duties at school have shifted in the last few years. I became a lead teacher of one of our small learning communities. As such, I haven’t really had that much time or inclination to blog about education, finding myself pretty consumed with my job.

For some reason on this rainy spring day, I found myself, once again, contemplating blogging, so I believe this will be the third or fourth new start for this blog. 

We are at such an interesting point in education. At times, I find myself extremely upset by a lot of the “reform” movement and what I perceive as a money grab by private testing companies. At other times, I find myself agreeing with much of the sentiment and pedagogical ideas that reformers want to put into play (even if I disagree with much of the methodology).

So this will be my attempt to log some of my thoughts and, hopefully, clarify them in the process.


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