Tear down the walls

GEM Stuff
Brent tries out the electric vehicle from a recent competition while Shan likes the looks of our robots.

I’ve been lucky enough lately to start forging some  partnerships between our school and awesome organizations in the community. This morning, after a meeting with some of these partners (Brent Robinson from modthink and Shan Pesaru from Sharphue), I got to tour them around our new building.

After reflecting on the experience, I wish we had regular tours of our campus set up for community members. I think they’d be thrilled at what they find occurring on campus on any given day. Today we saw students preparing to produce a lipdub, drama kids rehearsing for a performance, robotics scholars preparing for a competition, and all of this happening during the middle of a major End of Course test in Biology.

On top of that, I saw students excited to see adults from outside our building observing them in action, and I saw teachers excited to show off their programs and work. I’m really not sure why so many school buildings seem to erect a wall between themselves and the community. Maybe it’s time we start trying to tear down those walls, move education in the community and bring the community into education?



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