Opposition to the CCSS makes for strange bedfellows

As the debate over the Common Core State Standards has matured and become more public, I often find myself engaged in conversations about them. My problems with the CCSS center on their implementation, not their substance, as well as the way that implementation is being used as a tool by moneyed interests to profit as well as push their own educational agendas. In both online and face-to-face conversation, I’ve realized that there’s a whole other segment of people out there who object to the CCSS for entirely different reasons. Salon.com has a very nice article today that interviews someone who has been researching the opposition to the CCSS. I highly recommend reading the full article if you’re at all interested in understanding the political landscape in which we’re working. I will say that while I have issues with the CCSS, I’m uncomfortable allying myself with some of the arguments these people are making. In fact, I think that these arguments are actually dangerous for public school teachers because at the core of many of these people’s belief is a distrust of and even disdain for public education in general.


One thought on “Opposition to the CCSS makes for strange bedfellows

  1. Your fear of who you are allying with should not over rule your common sense. There are very legitimate reasons for opposing Common Core. Just because crazy people make irrational arguments for your side does not make YOU irrational. There are strange allies who oppose year round school as well. That doesn’t make you allies.

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