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I’m excited about a new year here in my classroom. Our new superintendent, in his keynote address to the district, highlighted one of the true beauties of the teaching profession in that we’re constantly getting fresh starts each year. Few professions get that privilege. We get new kids, new buildings, new colleagues, new curriculum, new assessments, new acronyms. Okay, all of those “news” aren’t necessarily good news for teachers, but overall the idea of new beginnings presents us with an opportunity to become reinvigorated with our profession.

For me, I received a new textbook with my Early College Enrollment Freshman Composition class. I’d been stuck in a rut in  my classroom for the last couple of years, and last year I really felt myself go into autopilot mode. I decided to take the intervention of a new textbook as a chance to revamp everything. So I’ve done it. New essay assignments, new readings, new methods, new commitments to the type of classroom I facilitate. Right now, and I know I’m only a week in so check back with me in a month or three, I’m feeling my passion for education rekindled.

I also committed to making my classroom paperless. I’d love to say I made this decision for environmental reasons. I admit, that’s part of the reason as there’s an intrinsic appeal (possibly trendy) to going paperless with my assignments. Plus, in a budget crunch, I’m sure my administrators and the building bookkeeper will appreciate the reduction in copy clicks. Mainly,though, I feel that teaching kids to work in a mobile, digital environment is a life skill that will serve them well in the future. The process and practice will become a big part of the pedagogy.

In future posts, I plan to outline how I plan on going paperless with a tool called….Doctopus.

Best wishes to all my colleagues all over the country who are starting another trip around the sun with a new group of scholars. May we be our best and bring out the best in them.




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